Thursday, January 5, 2012

just another list of new year's resolution

My mom made the best rice balls with the best mentaiko and seaweed!

2011 was a year full of unexpected events. It was a year where I had a glimpse of what it was like to lose a future. It was a year that made me cry in devastation, in hope, in sorrow, and in yearning to reach out. It was a year that taught me how much stupidity we humans have posed on ourselves and other beings on this planet, and yet, at the same time, how amazingly strong and beautiful our own kind can be. It was a year that will be hard to forget for me both on the personal and worldly levels. 

All the change that happened seem to have helped refine my focus, so, this year I'm doing something I don't usually do; writing down my new year's resolutions. I do have a habit of vaguely thinking about what I want the year to be like at the beginning, but it has been years since I last took the time to actually make a list. 

Here it goes:

1. Read more books and watch more movies. Keep track of them.
2. Make more time to actually sit down and write. At least 2 hours a week.
3. Publish a story (or more).
4. Find more translation work.
5. Save more money.
6. Start something to keep myself happy and healthy; gospel, yoga, african dance, anything.
7. Visit at least three places I have never been to.
8. Get a Japanese driver's license.
9. Eat less, sleep more.
10. Say "Yes" to any opportunities offered. 

I really wholeheartedly dislike pressure in general, but just like some medicine that tastes terrible, we need things that we really wholeheartedly dislike in our lives to become better beings. These words will prod me throughout the year.

I hope that y'all, too, have put together a list of resolutions that will give you a good drive for the new year. To the readers near and far, I wish you a very, very happy 2012!


  1. Hello Kana! How are you? I was checking in to see what was new with you... how are these resolutions working out? I didn't make any firm ones this year. I think I'm so busy and involved in my projects that I haven't given myself any quiet time to organize and plan. Some simple ones, if I think about it now, are to make time for art, exercise more, sleep more (I like that one you wrote!) and to never be too rushed for a proper conversation with someone. :)

  2. Kimi! I'm so sorry I've missed your comment for such a long time. I'm bad, I'm bad, I'm bad!

    I've been trying to get more organized with my writing, trying to find my focus(es), and that's why I haven't been posting in this blog. I will be again soon, though.

    I love your resolutions, especially the one about proper conversation. Something I need to remind myself of, too. Thank you for sharing them, and let me know how you've been coming along with them! :)

  3. Hello again, Kana! Popping by again as I was thinking of you. Hope you are doing well at finding your focus and hope to hear more from you soon. Summer is nearly here; hard to believe. I hope you'll share some omatsuri and hanabi posts when the time comes. Those are two things I remember in Japan in the summertime. :)