Sunday, November 22, 2009

2 months in san francisco

I haven't posted for two months--and a hectic one that's been! I drove up to the bay area for job hunting, came back to SoCal, flew back again for apartment hunting, came back, and finally moved there--here--and started a new job. Life has been good, though it's getting cold in San Francisco. I can't go out without my scarf and pair of gloves.

One thing I learned about SF is--and it's pretty obvious--that it's not a great place to have a car. Parking sucks and people break into your car. "Every friend I know who moved to San Francisco with a car has had their car broken into at least once," a friend told me. And you basically hardly ever use it if you have a car. It's much easier to use public transportation. That said, I still need my car because there are certain places you need a car to go to, like, Target. I need Target in my life--life in SoCal spoiled me in that way. I've managed to limit my visit to the store once or twice a month so far, though.

What else? You hear a lot of Cantonese--if you live in the Sunset, that is. And I bought a new backpack. It's very handy when you don't drive but want to carry a lot; and if you teach, you are always carrying a lot. I need a new pair of shoes, comfortable ones, because I walk a lot. And all the walking has helped my back. I haven't had pain in a while.

That's about all of my San Francisco experience so far. I haven't had much yet. More to come, more to come...